Hermiston Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck wrecks can leave you badly injured and with high financial costs related to your injuries, impacting not only you but also your loved ones. If a negligent defendant caused the injury, you have the right to seek legal responsibility from them with the assistance of an injury attorney.

Truck drivers, trucking companies, and others may be financially responsible for your injuries, so you should seek legal help to investigate all parties that may have responsibility. If you suffered injuries in a tractor-trailer crash, an experienced Hermiston truck accident lawyer is ready to assist you.

How Truck Accidents Occur

The cause of a truck accident is critical to determine when attempting to prove an injury claim or lawsuit. When a trucking defendant’s negligence is the reason for the accident, it is essential to identify the specific breach of a legal duty that caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

This legal causation is better expressed through examples, such as the following reasons a truck accident might have occurred:

  • Untrained or improperly trained drivers
  • Driver exhaustion or long hours imposed by employer
  • Improper loading of a truck causing unbalanced loads
  • Defective truck parts
  • Negligent maintenance of trucks or trailers
  • Violations of driving laws
  • Driving too fast for conditions (including snow and ice)
  • Improper following distance (tailgating)

Proving the specific cause of the accident is important to a potentially successful claim. To have the best chance at success, plaintiffs should work with a knowledgeable attorney in Hermiston to file their truck collision claim.

Determining Responsibility in Hermiston Truck Wrecks

Most tractor-trailer accident cases require an in-depth look into who caused the accident. The first assumption is that the driver may have been the cause of the accident or at least contributed to it. For instance, driver distraction/negligence is a common reason for truck accidents. Their mistakes behind the wheel can result in devastating consequences for those around them.

Additionally, truckers work very long hours. Although regulated by state and federal law, many employers push their drivers past these limits and force them to drive while exhausted. This may not only impart liability on the driver, but their employer as well.

Respondeat Superior in Semi-Truck Accident Claims

Respondeat superior is a legal doctrine that means to hold an employer responsible for the negligent acts of their employees. When an employee is negligent while driving, the employer is likely responsible financially for any injuries they cause.

Vicarious liability is not the only method for holding employers responsible. The trucking company may have caused the accident through negligent hiring practices, improper maintenance, and much more—direct liability for the crash may be appropriate in these circumstances.

Filing a Hermiston Claim in Time

Oregon Revised Statutes § 12.115 obligates a plaintiff to file their Oregon truck accident claim for negligence within two years of the date it occurs. This is an important deadline to respect. If the tractor-trailer wreck lawsuit is not filed in time, the court can dismiss it summarily. This means the court will not even examine the case to determine whether it has any merit. Hiring a lawyer in Hermiston quickly after a truck wreck is important to help preserve the evidence and move the claim forward.

Pursue Compensation with a Hermiston Truck Accident Attorney

Your truck accident may have left you injured and in debt, but it does not mean you are necessarily stuck where you are. A properly proven injury lawsuit may result in substantial monetary damages to help you pay for your costs and be compensated for the suffering you have gone through.

To learn about your potential rights, contact an experienced Hermiston truck accident lawyer today. Our team of skilled representatives is available to assist you.