Hermiston Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Many Hermiston residents choose to ride their bicycles for transportation, exercise, and leisure. The last thing most people expect when going out for a ride is getting hit by a negligent motorist. Unfortunately, when these collisions do happen, they can leave the cyclist with life-altering injuries.

The consequences of these severe accidents can turn your entire world upside down within the blink of an eye. If a reckless or careless driver left you with severe injuries, let an experienced Hermiston bicycle accident lawyer help you. A skilled injury attorney could advocate on your behalf and help you get the compensation you need and deserve to put your life back together.

Essential Steps After a Bicycle Crash

Collisions with vehicles often cause incredibly traumatic and painful injuries for the cyclist. However, the way the cyclist or their loved ones respond after the crash is essential in protecting the injured party’s rights and interests. Some of the vital steps for a cyclist to follow, if they can, include:

  • Move quickly to a safe place away from traffic
  • Call first responders and authorities immediately
  • Seek medical attention for any injuries
  • Speak to law enforcement and make a report
  • Collect any documentation that could help establish damages and losses
  • Consult legal counsel

Bicycle crash claims, litigation, and insurance settlement negotiations are complex and require many resources. Usually, the injured cyclist should not try to handle the case on their own. Instead, a dedicated attorney in Hermiston could help with the bike crash investigation, evidence collection, negotiations, and civil court filing processes.

Bicycle Laws in Hermiston

Under Oregon Revised Statutes § 814.400, bicyclists are generally subject to the same laws, rights, and duties as motorists. Therefore, when the injured cyclist establishes liability in a civil court case, the rules for a two-vehicle crash also apply to a bike crash involving a motorist.

Further, state legislation requires that motor vehicle drivers treat bicyclists like any other motorist on the road, which means motorists must watch for bicyclists at all times. In the event of a bicycle accident, any cyclist who suffers injuries and property damage from a negligent motorist should contact an experienced lawyer in Hermiston to ensure their rights and interests are protected. Seasoned representation could answer the cyclist’s questions, address their concerns, and help prepare a claim for filing with the civil court.

Schedule a Meeting with a Hermiston Bicycle Accident Attorney Right Away

Cyclists are far more vulnerable than vehicle drivers and are at a higher risk of sustaining severe injuries in a collision. If the motorist was negligent, they should be held responsible for any harms their carelessness caused. However, proving liability against a motorist in a bike collision case can be complex.

If a negligent motorist caused your or your loved one’s injuries, reach out to an experienced Hermiston bicycle accident lawyer right away to begin working on your claim. Our experienced team could fight on your behalf and help ensure you get the fair and just settlement you deserve for your losses.