Hermiston Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Commuting on foot is a great way to get around while getting some exercise. Unfortunately, there are various potential dangers for pedestrians, and accidents are not uncommon. Those walking on sidewalks and crosswalks are especially vulnerable to public transit and passenger vehicles.

When a vehicle hits a pedestrian, the injuries are almost always severe, and many are even fatal. Because of the severity of these accidents, it’s crucial to have a skilled injury attorney handle your case. A Hermiston pedestrian accident lawyer could help you file a claim for compensation and represent your interests while you heal from your injuries.

Recovering Damages After Pedestrian Accidents

When a negligent motorist is responsible for a collision, the injured party may have the right to pursue compensation in a civil court action. An experienced lawyer in Hermiston could help an individual injured in a pedestrian collision pursue compensation for medical costs, lost wages, psychological trauma, and more.

Medical Costs and Expenses

Generally, pedestrian accidents lead to substantial injury. However, the pedestrian could get compensation to cover the medical costs, future rehabilitative services, and much more through an injury claim.

Lost Wages

Payment for the injured party’s missed time at work is also available through a successful claim. Notably, damages for lost wages also include any estimates for future losses.

Pain, Suffering, and Emotional Anguish

If an individual suffers from anxiety, sleep loss, post-traumatic stress, or other emotional problems after an injury, a court may award financial compensation for mental health services the party uses. Courts often award non-economic damages to accommodate for the psychological injuries in these cases, as well.

Crosswalk Collision Law in Hermiston

State law defines a crosswalk as any portion of the roadway or intersection that indicates pedestrian crossing. While state law prohibits jaywalking, motorists still must yield to pedestrians even if they are crossing the street outside of these designated areas.

While the pedestrian does have the right of way once they step into the crosswalk, the law requires that both the driver and pedestrian exercise good judgment and follow safety precautions. Under Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 811, drivers must obey the rules of the road, including, among others:

  • Yielding to pedestrians who are using crosswalks
  • Avoiding blocking crosswalks
  • Remaining stopped for pedestrians with limited vision or blindness

A civil court could hold the driver liable for damages if a pedestrian sustains injuries because of a motorist’s recklessness. A knowledgeable attorney in Hermiston could help an injured pedestrian hold a negligent motorist accountable for their damages from the crash and negotiate with insurance companies as needed.

Let a Hermiston Pedestrian Accident Attorney Help You Today

When a driver hits a pedestrian, their injuries often require missing extended periods from work, massive medical bills, and a long path to recovery. These accidents not only affect the injured party but their loved ones.

If you have been harmed, an experienced Hermiston pedestrian accident lawyer could work with you to ensure you get the fair and just settlement you deserve. These cases are complex and require investigation, thorough review, and potentially litigation, so call to get started as soon as possible.