Pullman, WA Product Liability Lawyer

Have you been injured by the use of a defective product? You may be able to obtain compensation for the suffering and financial hardship you have endured with the help of an injury attorney.

A dedicated Pullman product liability lawyer could fight on your behalf to hold any negligent parties accountable to get you the compensation you need. Let our team fight for you.

Is the Product Manufacturer Liable?

According to Washington State Legislature RCW §7.72.030, a product manufacturer may be subject to liability if a claimant’s injuries were caused by the manufacturer’s negligence where the product was not reasonably safe due to:

  • A design flaw
  • A manufacturing defect
  • A lack of reasonable warning/instruction

The injuries that an individual suffered could range in severity from minor cuts or burns to severe and life-altering catastrophic injuries. It is important that these individuals understand their rights and how they may go about pursuing compensation for their injuries. In suffering a serious injury, injured parties need to seek medical attention to have these injuries treated.

This can be costly, and even the best insurance doesn’t always cover all the costs. A person could suffer from severe financial hardships due to this injury, but a personal injury attorney familiar with product liability law in Pullman may be able to help them obtain compensation for this hardship.

Seek Financial Compensation with a Pullman Product Liability Attorney

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