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Truck Accidents in Walla Walla

Advocating for the Victims of Negligent Truck Driving

There are many various laws and ordinances regarding speed limits and traffic patterns, as well as other aspects of driving on the road. When these laws are broken, the results can often be catastrophic and even deadly.

Truck drivers are held to these same laws while driving as people in cars; however, truckers are also held to additional ordinances in place by state and federal law as well as their individual employers. When truck drivers do not adhere to the many various laws that are designed to ensure safety, then they can often cause some severe and deadly accidents.

If you've suffered injury in a truck accident caused by the truck driver's negligence, contact the Walla Walla truck accident attorneys at our firm today!

Understanding Commonly Broken Truck Driving Standards

Due to the size of semi-trucks and the weight of them when fully loaded, they can cause significant damage in the case of a collision. Drivers of these vehicles are held to strict standards and must abide by many laws. One example of the federal laws that these drivers must comply with is the hours of service regulations. There are various provisions for the length of time that the truck will be in operation and how long the driver must rest between shifts.

A violation of this regulation can result in a fatigued driver. If you are injured on the road by a fatigued driver (or a truck driver that is negligent in any other way), then our firm may be able to help you pursue money damages.

Representing Injured Victims

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