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Dog Bites in Personal Injury

Handling Cases of Animal Attacks in Walla Walla

In the state of Washington, approximately one-third of all premises liability claims are related to dog attacks. Even though most dogs have been domesticated, trained, and have become almost entirely docile, there are still many cases of dogs attacking humans for various reasons. Sadly, the consequences of these incidents can be extremely severe and permanent.

The results of dog attacks can include permanent nerve damage, disfigurement, loss of fingers, and emotional trauma. If you have been injured in a dog attack, then you need to seek the legal assistance of our firm immediately.

There are numerous reports of normally well-behaved house dogs attacking invitees for unknown reasons. Some statistical reports show that 15 – 20 people are killed every year in dog attacks, and many more are injured.

According to Washington State Legislature RCW §16.08.040, the owner of a dog will be liable for any injuries that the dog causes to an individual while:

  • The individual is in a public place
  • The individual is the guest or invitee to private property

History of Success in Personal Injury Cases

Have you been the victim of a dog attack? Seek the legal assistance of our firm today to discuss your situation and to begin the process of pursuing compensation for your damages.

We have been serving injured victims for 50 combined years and are dedicated to assisting the residents of Walla Walla, Washington (and residents throughout Washington and Oregon) who have been injured. Your case is important to us, and you can count on us to stand by you and work with you to fight for fair compensation.

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