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Rear-End Accidents

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Rear-end auto collisions occur when one vehicle slams into another vehicle from behind. Some of the most dangerous rear-end car accidents occur when the vehicle in front is moving slowly or is fully stopped, and the vehicle in the back is going at a high rate of speed. This causes a greater force of impact, which can lead to more severe injuries, including catastrophic injuries.

Rear-end collisions can also become more deadly when a smaller vehicle is rear-ended by a much larger vehicle, such as a commercial truck. A rear-end collision can also easily cause a chain of collisions. For example, a car that was hit from behind might crash into a third vehicle ahead, subsequently causing that third vehicle to hit a fourth vehicle in front of it.

If you have been rear-ended, you may be entitled to money to compensate for your damages. These damages may include costs for your medical treatment, lost earnings due to your inability to work, physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma, etc. The Walla Walla personal injury attorneys at our firm, Hess Law Office, PLLC, can help you gather the right information and take steps to pursue monetary compensation.

Being Prepared for the Opposition

In even the most cut-and-dry accidents where it is clear that the other driver is at fault, insurance companies will still often try to contest some of the information provided by the victim.

This is a money-saving tactic that insurers use to avoid having to pay the accident victim a full settlement. For example, the insurance company might try to state that the claimant is partially at fault for the accident or injury, or it might claim that the injuries were pre-existing.

If you have been injured in a rear-end accident, please contact our office. At our firm, we understand how insurance companies work and how to help the accident victim maximize his or her potential settlement.

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